The New Generation Scholarship

The New Generation Scholarship was first created through a generous donation from Andres Garcia-Quirarte and Jasmine Forte. This scholarship, named for students in the new era of technology, serves to help support students working towards their dream careers, through providing funding to future generations of students. Andres Garcia-Quirarte and Jasmine Forte are not only the owners and CEO's of NGS, but they are also the first donors.

A varying number of scholarships will be awarded to present and future students throughout the year. Recipients will receive up to a $500 USD scholarship to be used on any school related expense.

To receive any of the scholarships, you must meet these eligibility criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Attend a high school, post-secondary institution, trade school, community college, college, university, or another type of school system in Canada, USA, Mexico, or World Wide.

  • You must be a current student (currently enrolled, in at least one class/be a part-time student) or expect to be enrolled within the next 12 months.

  • For some of the awarded scholarships, personality, general attituded, and inspirations are key factors. The New Generation Scholarship committee wants to see your personality in your CazVid video and in your written submission.

  • For some of the other awarded scholarships, financial need is also taken into consideration.


To recognize and reward present and future students that are working towards a future full of opportunity

The New Generation Scholarship is awarded to an applicant that demonstrates the values of NGS. Successful applicants are current or future students that want to contribute to their society through hard work and dedication in school, so they can one day reach their goals and have the career of their dreams. New Generation Scholarship looks for individuals with a passion for finding and achieving their dream job.

Andres Garcia Quirarte

Andres Garcia-Quirarte is the Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at NGS. His mission is to help give international students like himself an opportunity that they might not have had without a little help financially. Through networking, Andres decided that he wanted to do something that could help individuals that are struggling financially, and he decided that a scholarship would be the best way to do that. Andres awards students' scholarships based on financial need and personality.

Jasmine Forte

Jasmine Forte is the Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at NGS. She first wanted to start the New Generation Scholarship to recognize and reward present and future students that are working towards a future full of opportunity. Jasmine hopes to someday lead several non-profit organizations, and help students pay for the costs of their education — helping them achieve the career of their dreams along the way. As an entrepreneur, Jasmine knows how amazing it feels to succeed and so she cares about helping students of all ages reach their goals and aspirations. Jasmine awards students' scholarships based on their personality, general attituded, and inspirations.